Corporate Retreats

Seasonal Celebrations


Whether you’re discussing a new strategic initiative, planning or celebrating company milestones—or even hosting an intimate dinner with friends—come be inspired by the beauty and creative-play experiences at Las Palmas de Ojai.

Our event coordinators become your concierge guides, allowing your team to escape from the normal routine and tap into new ways of thinking. Book Las Palmas, explore your creative possibilities, leave reinvigorated.


Choose from a wide selection of creative, leisure, and recreational activities. We also offer bespoke services and build custom group itineraries tailored to your corporate culture in our five-acre, magnificent mountain-valley resort property.

relax and have a gathering at friends at las palmas corporate retreats

Just Relax

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be treated like royalty, you’ve come to the right place.

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Retreats & Gatherings

Local and personally-catered meal packages combined with a selection of professional development & leisure and specialized activities make your retreats and gatherings unique and memorable.

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Enjoy manicured gardens, mind and body wellness activities, and spa treatments, as well as off-resort activities like hiking, trail-running, horse-back-riding and more at Las Palmas de Ojai.

Seasonal Celebrations at las palmas corporate retreats

Seasonal Celebrations

Come and experience the local agricultural and all that Ojai has to offer on-site. Find yourself becoming transformed as you immerse your senses into the sights, smells, sounds and flavors of this beautiful valley.


Las Palmas de Ojai is a lush, Bali-inspired Palm garden resort property located just north of Los Angeles. The five-acre mixed-use venue encompasses five zones lined by Palapa structures and includes a Teepee Village, Casita, Fire Pit, Buddha Temple, Olive Grove, and Citrus Orchard. The property is anchored right next to a 22,000-acre land conservancy, with trails, and river access.

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Imagine stepping away into an environment that just whispers, “Peace and tranquility. That is Las Palmas. Experience it.

Signature events at las palmas corporate retreats

Signature Events

We offer packages for groups, as well as outdoor facilities for team-building events. We host world-class bespoke corporate retreats, weddings, festivals, conferences, creative events, and social gatherings to groups of all sizes.

Las Palmas orchard at las palmas corporate retreats

Working Orchard

Las Palmas de Ojai is an Organic Perma-Culture Orchard with a variety of trees, perennial vegetables, and fruits. We invite you to come explore, harvest, and taste the bright flavors of this prosperous valley that will delight your senses.

Las Palmas be active at las palmas corporate retreats

Be Active

Fill your schedule at Las Palmas de Ojai with wilderness hiking, swimming holes, and exploring waterfalls. With so many opportunities to experience the very best of nature, choose Las Palmas de Ojai for your next great adventure.


Restore your creative energy by engaging in a multi-sensory sustainable travel experience like none other. We put an incredible amount of energy into practicing responsible stewardship to enhance our connection with nature and drive personal and professional transformation.

live it up at las palmas corporate retreats

Live It Up

If you’re not careful life could pass you by. With new events and experiences, there’s always a chance to create new memories.

Chris Murphy at Las Palmas

Let’s Relax Together

Our concert music series allows you to relax or play with friends in a beautiful setting that will rejuvenate the mind and spirit.

art studio at las palmas corporate retreats

Art in the Studio

We aim for self-expression, not perfection. We are all born makers. Become inspired in a setting brimming with natural beauty.

be zen at las palmas corporate retreats

Mind & Body Wellness

Unwind and explore deeper connections through yoga, meditation, and guided spiritual adventure activities.